There’s much we don’t know heading into the 2020-21 school year. One unknown that educators are most concerned about is learning loss and the extent of the COVID-19 slide. When schools closed, students missed out on important instructional time, even if learning continued remotely. And since spring state benchmark assessments were cancelled, there’s no way of knowing what students know — and what they don’t know.

Assessments will be more important than ever to identify where students are at and which students are at risk. Teachers will need assessment data to plan appropriate instruction and interventions to get students back on track. In this toolkit, find resources, worksheets and tools to guide assessment administration and data analysis from universal screening to progress monitoring.

Inside This Toolkit:

  • Universal screening prep checklist
  • Data analysis meeting agendas and forms
  • Intervention plan form and template
  • Intervention fidelity logs
  • Goal-setting worksheet
  • And more!